Rock U. En Seine 2022 was INSANE!

What an incredible show!  Thanks to all the great performers and all who came out to support them!  We know you’ll want to relive it again and again, which is why full video is on its way to you soon, along with lots of photos contributed by all of you.  Make sure you like, subscribe, and follow to see it all as soon as it’s ready.

Special thanks to:

  • Mark Heim and Dan D’Amato, the Rock U. Board of Directors
  • Rory, Leander, Andy, Dave, and Ben, our amazing band teachers
  • Jess, Ben, Kajus, and Carson, our great studio assistants
  • Robby, Dr. Kev, Jonathan, and Jason, our lesson teachers, and Charly, our in-school teacher
  • Becky, who seamlessly manages so many of our administrative details
  • Andrew and Leo, our awesome “alumni” road crew
  • the whole team at La Javelle, who took great care of us, especially our friend Andres for making us sound great
  • Aleks and Fernando, our amazing videographers and photographer
  • And so many more we’re probably forgetting!  Thank you all!