Why did Beatles guitarist George Harrison always travel with two ukuleles?  So he could play music with anyone he met, even if they had never played before!  Ukuleles are easy to play, sound great, and are inexpensive, small, and lightweight compared to guitars.

Become part of the Rock U. ukulele nation by learning how to play some of your favourite songs on your uke, with Rock U. teacher James Dempsey!  Rock U. is pleased to offer a third session of our very popular online ukulele workshop through May and June.  Absolute beginners are welcome, but more advanced players will also learn a lot.

  • What you need: A ukulele and a Zoom account
  • Dates and times: Thursday 16h30-17h30, 22 May-25 June (six sessions; class time week of 22/23 May TBD)
  • Fee: 115€
  • Maximum of 8 participants
  • Ages 10 and up
Sign up here!
Let’s rock… with ukuleles!  Please email matt@rock-u.fr with any questions.  For participants who don’t own a ukulele, they are widely available on Amazon or at www.thomann.de, and good quality ukuleles cost as little as 35-40€.