Hey Rockers, it’s almost rentrée time! Registration for fall bands and lessons opens online on Thursday 1 September, at 9 AM.  Bands and lessons start rockin’ on Monday 26 September!

I’m ready to rock!  How do I sign up?

Online registration forms will open on our website at www.rock-u.fr at 09h00 Paris time on Thursday 1 September.

For kids, teen, and adult bands:
  • If you were in a Rock U. band last year, and you want to stay in the same band, nothing could be easier.  Just sign up before Saturday 3 September and list your band as your first choice.  But remember, starting 3 September, band assignments will be on a first-come, first-served basis and open to all.  So don’t wait!
  • If you were in Rock U. last year, but you want to change to a new band this year, you’ll still get priority over new students as long as you sign up before 3 September.  We’ll try to put everyone in their preferred band, but first we have to see how many band members are returning to each band and how many returning students want to change bands.
  • If you are new to Rock U., you can still sign up online starting at 9 AM on Thursday 1 September!  New students will be assigned to bands on a first-come, first-served basis, starting on Saturday 3 September after returning students have had an opportunity to reserve their spots.  So if you’re first to sign up on 1 Sept, you’ll be first new student to be assigned to a band starting 3 Sept.
  • Whether you’re new to Rock U., or if you want to change bands from last year, please select at least a first and second choice of bands.  You’ll receive your band assignment within a few days, and no fees will be charged until both Rock U. and the student agree to the band assignment.
  • The complete fall band schedule, including additional new bands and modified time slots, can be seen right here.  See the full 2022-2023 Rock U. calendar here.

For private lessons:

  • Rock U. will offer both in-studio and online lessons in 2022-2023.  Please be sure to specify your choice between online and in-studio lessons when you register, if you have a preference.
  • Whether you are a returning or new lesson student, please provide as many choices as possible for your lesson time when you register!  We’ll try to put together a schedule that meets everyone’s needs.
  • You’ll receive an email offering you a specific lesson time slot and teacher within a few days.  No fees will be charged until both Rock U. and the student agree to the lesson assignment.
  • A note about our private lesson prices: Rock U.’s price for private lessons will increase to 35€ for 30 minutes and 60€ for 55 minutes, and we will no longer offer discounts for weekly lessons.  We’re doing this because our instructors are professionally trained, talented musicians who deserve to be paid fairly for their work, and since our lesson rates are well below those of similar organizations, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to do that.  Association Rock U. continues to charge no inscription, administrative, or membership fees, and all our concerts are free to the public and will remain so.  We thank you for your understanding!