It’s here again, the best time of the year! Rock U. student bands from 8 to adult move up the river to Bal de la Marine to welcome summer the best way we know how, with three days of live music in the coolest spot in Paris!

  • Friday 18h-20h: Rock U. Adult Bands
  • Friday 20h-23h30: The Doodads (aka the Rock U. Instructor Band)
  • Saturday 14h-15h30: Rock U. Youth Bands (age 8-14)
  • Saturday 16h-17h30: Rock U. Teen Bands (age 14-18)
  • Saturday 18h-21h: Rock U. Varsity Bands (age 16-18)
  • Sunday 12h-13h: Rock U. Youth Bands (age 8-14)
  • Sunday 13h-15h: Rock U. Adult Bands

Free and open to all!