Dear Rock U. rockers, students, and families:

Deconfinement has finally arrived!  We at Rock U. have spent several weeks planning for our eventual reopening by consulting municipal authorities, studying guidelines released by local and federal governments, and surveying colleagues, students, and advisors.  What we present below represents the outcome of that process and is the most detailed plan we can offer at this stage, since new information and instructions will likely emerge over the next several weeks.

As of last Thursday, 7 May, we have directly consulted the City of Paris, the Maison des Associations (the governmental office that oversees non-profit associations), and the Ministry of the Interior about reopening Rock U.  We have received their explicit assurances, in writing, that we may reopen for normal activities, subject to the physical distancing guidelines that apply to all public spaces.

We will therefore, starting at the beginning of next week, begin the process of gradually reopening the Rock U. studio for our student bands, starting with our adult bands and slowly phasing in each successive age group over the next several weeks or more.  While any dates we offer now are subject to modification as developments dictate, we anticipate the following schedule for welcoming bands back to the studio:

18 May:         Adult Bands

22 May:         Older teen bands (Advanced Rock 2 and Varsity bands)

28 May:         Younger teen bands (Advanced Rock 1 and Junior Varsity bands)

TBD:               Rock 101 and Rock 202 bands

All youth bands will continue their current online learning until they are able to resume activities at the Rock U. studio.  Youth bands have been operating continuously since 27 March and the Spring Session will end as scheduled on Saturday 20 June.

Adult Band Semester 2 will be extended into the summer months, with an end date to be determined.

At this point, we don’t anticipate resuming private lessons at Rock U. before Fall 2020, although we will revisit this decision as events warrant.  Private lessons will continue to be held online as they have been since the end of March.

All Rock U. band sessions will be subject to the following health and safety procedures:

  1. Rock U. premises will be professionally cleaned and disinfected daily. The premises have been professionally cleaned and disinfected as of today, and our air conditioners and ventilation units were professionally cleaned and serviced last week, including filters.
  2. Students who are sick will not be permitted to come to Rock U. Any student with symptoms such as coughing, fever, and body aches within 48 hours of his or her Rock U. practice must NOT attend that week’s practice session and should consult a doctor.
  3. Parents, siblings, and friends will not be permitted to enter the premises for any reason. Please be prepared to wait outside on the sidewalk for your kids at dropoff and pick up times, and please observe physical distancing rules that would apply in any circumstance.
  4. Anyone who comes to Rock U. using public transportation will be required to wear a mask during their trip. This rule is already in place on metros and buses.
  5. Everyone entering the studio will be required to wash his or her hands immediately upon entering. We will also provide hand sanitizer, but handwashing is the most effective measure.
  6. We will maintain physical distancing at all times. In certain spaces where physical distancing is more difficult, instructors and students may be required to wear masks.  We will use the upstairs spaces at Rock U. as much as possible to ensure proper distancing.
  7. Microphones and instruments will be disinfected with disinfectant wipes after each use.
  8. We encourage students to bring their own instruments, snacks, and drinks. While we will continue to offer filtered water in disposable paper cups, unfortunately we will have to temporarily suspend the cherished tradition of cookie break.
  9. We will dismiss bands 15 minutes earlier than normal if they are followed by another band, to allow for ventilation of the studio and careful disinfection of all surfaces such as doorknobs, sinks, and handrails, in addition to instruments and microphones.
  10. Children who do not have permission to leave Rock U. by themselves must be picked up ON TIME by an authorized adult. Students who are permitted to leave without a parent must leave promptly at the end of the practice session.


We realize that some of our students are no longer in Paris, or for other reasons may not be able or willing to attend band practices at Rock U.  We will address these bands and students on a case-by-case basis and make every reasonable effort to enable these students to participate in the band’s activities.


Although nothing has been definitively stated yet, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to stage concerts for any of our student bands until the fall.  The bands will instead perform their songs through a combination of audio and video projects and livestreams from the Rock U. studio.


We will make a decision about our Summer 2020 sessions at some point after 2 June.  We will also be developing online offerings for the summer months.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please send an email to  We’re in this together and we welcome your input and suggestions.

We started confinement almost two months ago by thanking you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.  Nothing has changed.  We’re so grateful to you for being not just students, colleagues, and friends, but part of a community we value and cherish.

Thank you… and let’s rock!
Matt and the Rock U. Crew