Rock U. bands have performed 492 different songs onstage, and we will play our 500th song at our upcoming Rock U. En Seine show on Sat 19 June at La Javelle.  So, we’re celebrating!  How well do you know your Rock U. trivia?  Now’s your chance to prove you’re a master of Rock U. lore – and win a 100€ gift card from Thomann!

Take the quiz here

*20 questions (plus bonus questions): the Origin Story, the Tunes, the Crew, and the Rock U. family (that’s you)!

*500 points total – how many can you earn?

*Most of the questions can be answered by anyone, if you search hard enough (hint – search Rock U.’s FacebookInstagramYouTube channel, and website for clues)

*The entry with the highest point total in the Rock U. 500 Quiz will win a 100€ gift card to Musikhaus Thomann, Europe’s best online music store!

*Three runner-up entries will win limited-edition, one-of-a-kind (well, three-of-a-kind) Rock U. 500 logo t-shirts

*Quiz closes at midnight on Thursday 17 June; correct answers published at noon on Friday 18 June

*The winners will be announced – where else? – onstage at Rock U. En Seine, right before we play the 500th song