We really miss you!  We were disappointed that this week’s announcements didn’t bring us permission to reopen next week.  But it’s a bad news-good news situation, and there’s some of both.  It’s good to focus on the positive, so here it is: Rock U. will reopen on a (mostly) normal schedule starting on Tuesday 15 December!

And there’s another important piece of good news you might not have realized.  Since the first deconfinement in May, Rock U. has been operating a full slate of bands and lessons under our new health and safety procedures for distancing and disinfection (which you can see here), except for our annual closure in August and early September.  During that time, we have not had a single case of known coronavirus transmission or infection at Rock U.  We have had only one student test positive after a Rock U. session, but it was not known whether the student became infected before or after attending the session, and none of the other students or teachers in the band tested positive or developed symptoms.  Our procedures work, and will continue in force once we reopen, to keep you rocking safely!

Please read below for more information about our specific bands and programs.

Youth and teen bands
OK, first the bad news: the Rock U. Fall Concert scheduled for 13 December is now officially cancelled.  La Boule Noire, like every music venue in Paris, can’t open until 20 January at the soonest.

So now let’s do the good news:
1) Our bands have been working really well on Zoom since returning from Toussaint break, and will continue doing great work for just a few more weeks.
2) We will extend the Fall Session by an extra week so our bands get one last practice session together in the studio.  Our last day will be Saturday 19 December instead of 12 December.
3) Bands will use this in-studio practice session to record video performances of their songs, which we will be very proud to release as the next (and hopefully final) installment of our Rock the Confine Concert Series!
4) We expect to operate normally in the Winter Session from 4 Jan – 20 March, and are optimistic that the concert at La Boule Noire, scheduled for 21 March, will take place.

So keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channelFacebook page, and Instagram account for a bunch of new releases from Rock U. bands in December!

Adult bands
Our adult bands will also resume normal operations starting on 15 December.  However, since we’ve lost 6 weeks of the semester, we will be amending the calendar to include make-up sessions for these missed weeks and to move the concert later in the winter.  The adult band instructors and I will send you more information about the amended calendar very soon, please stay tuned!

Private lessons
Private lessons will resume as before on 15 December as well.  If you would prefer to change your in-studio lesson to an online lesson for now, that’s easily done.  And some instructors may be available for make up lessons online during the holiday break.  For more information or any questions about lessons, please contact Lesson Coordinator Jason Waters at 07 67 78 88 16 or lessons@rock-u.fr.
So we’ll see you very soon!  As always, check out our free rock and roll content on our YouTube channelFacebook page, and Instagram account.  Look for new One Minute Master Classes, music trivia and theory, artist appreciation, and recommendations on online resources for rockers.  Like and subscribe to be notified as each new post goes up.  And in the meantime…
Stay chill, hang tough, and make music!
Matt and the Rock U. Crew