Dear Rock U. participants and parents,

First off, we want to express our hopes that you are all doing well amidst the current climate of tension and uncertainty.  Music is a powerful mood adjuster, so apply it abundantly!  And of course we hope you are all in the best of health.

We wanted to let you know a bit about the status of Rock U. activities and our planning for whatever may come.

Bands and lessons:  Rock U. Bands and lessons will continue as normal until further notice, or until the situation changes.  We have been in direct contact with both the Mairie du 7ème and the Santé Publique, who have reaffirmed the guidelines listed below:

  • Due to our small group sizes, participation in Rock U. bands or lessons doesn’t pose any particular risk over any other activity.
  • Please exercise the same common-sense precautions you would before engaging in any similar activity, such as work or school.  Wash your hands frequently.  If your child is sick (or if you are), please keep him or her home (or stay home yourself).  If you’ve been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19, or have traveled to one of the regions subject to travel limitations, please follow the appropriate guidelines.  If you have a medical condition that might make you vulnerable to COVID-19, seek the advice of your doctor before participating in any public activities.
  • As always, we will continue to have the kids wash their hands before touching any of the instruments, and use disinfectant wipes in the band room to clean microphones. We will also be regularly wiping down shared objects like doorknobs and drumsticks after each use.
  • To date, Paris schools remain open. We have been advised by the Santé Publique that a closure of the public schools would not necessarily apply to Rock U. bands and lessons.  However, in the event that schools do close, we will continue to seek expert advice and act accordingly.

Rock U. concert 22 March:  You may be aware that large public gatherings such as concerts have been restricted in many affected regions, and that some restrictions already apply in France.   Again, we have been directly in touch with health authorities and the venue to monitor the situation, and for the moment, smaller concert venues like La Boule Noire remain open.  If nothing changes, the Rock U. concert will take place as scheduled next Sunday 22 March.

  • As with Rock U. bands, please apply the same common sense you would to a similar activity. Please don’t attend the concert if you’re sick or have been exposed to the novel coronavirus.  The concert will be livestreamed as usual, so you can watch from home!
  • If your child is unable to attend the show, or would prefer not to participate, we understand. Our talented staff and assistants are there to accompany the bands if kids are missing, so your child shouldn’t feel any pressure to avoid letting down his or her band.
  • You can stay up to date on any information about the concert on the event page here.

A final note:  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we all navigate some unfamiliar territory.  There is a lot of information floating around out there, some of it inaccurate, and it makes sense for all of us to apply moderation and common sense in both our information gathering and our information sharing.  We at Rock U. will continue to follow the situation closely, consult appropriate health authorities, and follow the official guidelines and rules provided.  We will of course inform you of any meaningful changes to the status of our programs.

And now… let’s get back to rocking!  Stay healthy and make music!