What an unbelievable weekend.  25 bands.  More than 100 songs.  More than 12 hours of music.  Sunshine and breezes, good vibes and good times, great memories and GREAT music.  Thank you to all who performed and all who supported the performers!  Special thanks to:

  • Mark Heim and Dan D’Amato, the Rock U. Board of Directors
  • Doug, our Assistant Dean, Andy, and Rory, our wonderful teachers, and Jason, Andrew, Leo, and Noah, our great studio assistants
  • Anthony, Chris, William, and Vincent, our awesome “alumni” road crew
  • Kevin, Leander, and Jonathan, our fantastic lesson teachers
  • Valerian and Michel, the great sound engineers at Bal de la Marine
  • Fabien and his team at Bal de la Marine, who took great care of us
  • Aleks and William, our amazing videographers
  • My wife Becky, who helped out in more ways than I can remember
  • And so many more I’m probably forgetting!  Thank you all!
What a year.  So what happens now?
Relive the fun: The concert may be over, but you can watch it over and over again on the Rock U. YouTube channel within a week or two.  Subscribe now to get notifications when the videos are ready!   Livestreams from all three days of the show already have more than 1500 views.  If you post photos and videos of the concert on Instagram, don’t forget to tag @rockuparis!