Bravo for the best Rock U. Adult Band concert EVER!

Our twelve Adult Bands absolutely crushed it at La Boule Noire yesterday!  The Adult Bands just keep getting better and better.  Rock On!

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Adult Band Semester 2 starts on 26 Feb!

It’s back to rocking after the school holidays, with our next concert scheduled for 21-23 June at La Javelle!  More info here.

*If you’re already in a band and want to continue with the same band for Semester 2, just send us an email at, there’s no need to register again.  If you want to change bands, let us know as soon as possible!  And if you’re not continuing with your band, please let us know that too – many bands are full and someone else may be happy to have your spot.

*If you’re new to Rock U. and you’re ready to join an adult band, sign up here